5 Recent Changes to Social Media Platforms you Should Know About!

One thing most marketing teams constantly forget to do is to check what changes have been made in the latest update of each platform! This is crucial to be aware of because the updates usually offer clues into how consumers are using the platforms. Once you know where everyone is looking, you know exactly how to get your content into the spotlight!

1. Instagram is ditching IGTV! 😱

In what seems like an effort to compete with TikTok’s dominance in the “Vertical Video” space, Instagram is rolling out in-feed videos with a maximum duration of 60-minutes! Yes, you can now post a whole hour of content (If you’ve gotten the update) and it’ll sit in a fresh new tab on your profile labelled “Instagram TV”, placed right next to reels.

2. Professional Twitter Profile. 👏

Twitter is changing its platform to integrate more business-orientated tools and features, starting with professional profiles. Users can apply for a professional profile, and activate an ‘About Section’, connect a Newsletter and most importantly, you can now add a Shop! That means you can start listing your products directly on Twitter! 

3. Facebook Reels are now live in the U.S 🎥

Doubling down on Video tools, the social media giant has now integrated Reels directly into the Facebook platform. You can now quickly share Reels filmed for Instagram, right onto both platforms, or create Reels natively in the Facebook App. They’re REELY going for it ha ha…

4. LinkedIn has begun testing paid events 🎫

LinkedIn is exploring new ways to allow business professionals to connect. The platform has started testing payment options for Events, allowing organisers to run ticketed meet ups, whether physical or virtual, directly through the platform. 

5. Facebook is being harsher on the content they don’t like

Doubling down on clickbait and policy violators, Facebook is actively demoting the posts of those who continual break the community guidelines. If your not up to date with their rules, it might be a great time to do some housekeeping.

As always, platforms are encouraging of users who create content that tests any new feature! It has been shown time and time again that creators or brands who start adopting the new tools, tend to get a boost in their organic reach, at least in the short term! Get to posting! 

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